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LSAG reference   local script   region    subregion    archaeological context   object type   date range  
76.03b Attica CG Attica Hymettos Cup first quarter to end of 7th c. BC
77.21 Attica CG Attica Athens Plaque c. 550 ?
78.41 Attica CG Attica Attica Grave stele c. 510
87.09 Eretria CG Euboia Eretria Block c. 550 - 525 ?
131.22 Corinth PL Corinth Corinth Column 6th century
169.20 Argos PL Argos Hermion Plaque c. 480 ?
202.H.S447 Lakonia PL Lakonia Delphi Cauldron sixth century
304.17 Amorgos AI Ionic Is. (Cen. & N. Aegean) Arkesine Stele c. 550 ?
307.61 Thasos AI Ionic Is. (Cen. & N. Aegean) Thasos Memorial c. 625 to 600 ?
323.05 Thera AI Doric Islands (S. Aegean) Thera cem. Gravestone c. 600?
323.11a.S469 Thera AI Doric Islands (S. Aegean) Thera cem. Kylix c. 500