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description: Silver plaque recording contributions of gold and silver, from the Artemision
catalogue number: 1335
LSAG reference: 344.53
date: c. 550 ?
object type: Plaque
region: EG
sub-region: Ionic Dodekapolis
archaeological context: Ephesos
Hogarth, Excavations at Ephesus (1908) pp. 45 f, 120 ff
SGDI vol. 4 no. 870 ff
DGE no. 707
Lwy, Sb. Ak. Wien (1932) pp. 27 f

    archival material:
    local script: Ephesos
inscription script analysis:
writing starting point: top left  writing orientation:horizontal
writing direction:boustrophedon  number of characters:100

Letter forms found in this inscription are listed below. Click on a glyph to browse other inscriptions in which it also appears.
α β γ δ ε Digamma ζ α η Heta θ ι κ λ μ ν ξ ο π M Koppa ρ σ τ υ φ χ ψ ω Sampi punct.


[c. 9?] τεϡαραϙοντα μνεαι ⁞ το πρω̣[τον] εσταθ[ησ]αν ⁞ ⁞ εκ ττων δω̣[ρ]-
[ων] χρυσο ⋮ εκ πολεως ηνειχ[τθ]ησαν ⁞ ⁞ αργυραι πεντε̣ ⁞ και ειϙοσ<ι> μν[ε]-
[α]ι ⋮ ειν τωι πρωτωι χρυσωι ηνειχτθησαν ⁞ ⁞ εκ ττο δο̅ρατος εξς μνεαι
ε̣σταθ[ησαν] ⋮ δεκα δε αι ενθενδε εσταθησαν μνεαιχρυσο ⋮ αργυρο τρες κα[ι]
τριηϙοντα μν[ε]αι ενθαδ' εσταθησαν ⁞ αργυραι ε̣[κ ττο] ναυτι[ϙο c. 6?]
[c. 7?]υτο εβδομηϙοντα μνεαι ⋮ καθα [c. 8]νο[c. 8]
δεκα εκ ττο αλος ⋮


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