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Non-Greek (Etruscan)
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description: Bucchero bottle from the regolini-galassi tomb, Caere
catalogue number: 780
LSAG reference: 240.19
date: c. 650 - 600 ?
object type: Bottle
region: WC
sub-region: Euboic Colonies, Italy (Chalkidic-Eretrian)
archaeological context: Caere
Buonamici, Epigrafia Etrusca pp. 104 ff

    archival material:
    local script: Non-Greek (Etruscan)
inscription script analysis: not available

α β γ δ ε ϝ ζ h θ ι κ λ̣ μ̣ ν̣ ξ ο π Μ ρ σ τ υ χ φ ψ


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