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description: Dedication to Athena and Hera, found on the site of Mycenean (not classical) Krisa; possibly not Phokian
catalogue number: 196
LSAG reference: 103.01
date: c. 600 - 650 ?
object type: Base
region: CG
sub-region: Phokis
archaeological context: Delphi
Roehl, H., IGA no. 314
Roberts, E.S., An Introduction to Greek Epigraphy vol. 1 no. 228
SGDI no. 1537
Roehl, H., Imagines Inscriptionum Graecarum antiquissimarum edition 3 pp. 87-89 no. 1
DGE no. 316
Friedlaender, P., Hoffleit, H., Epigrammata no. 44
Raubitschek, Yale Studies vol. 11 (1950) pp. 295 f
CEG no. 344

    archival material:
    local script: Phokis
inscription script analysis:
writing starting point: bottom right  writing orientation:vertical
writing direction:boustrophedon  number of characters:77 comments:
Haarer (D.Phil. thesis, 2000) argues that the stone originally stood with its long axis vertical, and with the start of the text at ground level (the left side as seen in Ulrich's drawing).

Letter forms found in this inscription are listed below. Click on a glyph to browse other inscriptions in which it also appears.
α β γ δ ε Digamma ζ α η Heta θ ι κ λ μ ν ξ ο π M Koppa ρ σ τ υ φ χ ψ ω Sampi punct.


(reading upwards)
epigraphic layout:
τασδ̣ε γ̣' Αθαναιαι δρ̣αϝεος Φα[·]ε-
αριστος εθε̅κε, hε̅ραι τε, hο̅ς και κ-
ενος εχοι κλεϝος απθιτον αιϝει.
(δραχ̣μ̣α̣ς Raubitschek; Φαν̣αριστος Friedlaender).
metrical layout:
τασδ̣ε γ̣' Αθαναιαι δρ̣αϝεος Φα[·]ε|αριστος εθε̅κε,
hε̅ραι τε, hο̅ς και κ|ενος εχοι κλεϝος απθιτον αιϝει.


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