Anne Jeffery's biography and contribution to Classical scholarship is eloquently described in the following "memoire" written by David Lewis and published in Proceedings of the British Academy 73 (1987) pages 505-516. The text is reproduced here by kind permission of the British Academy with minor adaptations for the web.


1. Childhood

2. Newnham College, Cambridge

3. Pre-war studies in Greece & work with Antony Raubitschek

4. Wartime service

5. Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford

6. Begins studies of local scripts and at Bayrakli (Old Smyrna)

7. The Local Scripts of Archaic Greece

8. Study at Princeton and return to Oxford

9. Archaic Greece

10. Work on Attic Grave Monuments

11. Contribution to IG I3

12. Academic distinctions and final years

13. Postscript and Acknowledgments

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