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LSAG reference   local script   region    subregion    archaeological context   object type   date range  
94.06 Boiotia CG Boiotia Helikon Lebes c. 625 - 600 ?
103.01a.S437 Phokis CG Phokis Bobbin 7th c. ?
143.02 Sikyon PL Sikyon Delphi Block 7th c. ?
224.05 Achaia PL Achaia Delphi Bobbin 7th century ?
315.02 Crete AI Doric Islands (S. Aegean) Gortyn Wall c. 600 to 525?
316.16 Crete AI Doric Islands (S. Aegean) Lyttos ? c.500?
316.18 Crete AI Doric Islands (S. Aegean) Praisos Figure 7th century
323.06 Thera AI Doric Islands (S. Aegean) Thera cem. Gravestone early 6th century
356.01 Rhodes EG Doric Hexapolis & Neighbours Rhodes Cup 8th c. ?