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Creation of the Website

The development of the website is part of the Script, Image and the Culture of Writing in the Ancient World programme, supported by the The Andrew W. Mellon foundation.

Development and design work for the poinikastas website has been undertaken by CSAD project staff. Primary credit for authorship of the site belongs to the project research officer Dr Peter Haarer, who was responsible for cataloguing and conserving the Jeffery archive papers, compiling geographic data records and creating distribution and location maps, entering Unicode texts of the inscriptions and coordinating other data collection tasks. Dr Haarer also organised a major international conference related to the themes of the conference. In the latter stages of the project, Dr Ida Toth has been an able successor, and has taken particular responsibility for compiling letter form records for individual inscriptions. Ms Perrine Kossmann recorded letter form data for Eastern Greece during summer 2004. Scanning tasks and transcription of LSAG records were undertaken by Maggy Sasanow. Jessica Ratcliff built the database and website; code updates and extensions to the database and website have been contributed by Charles Crowther, who is also responsible for the overall research design, project and server management.

Contact Us

We welcome feedback on presentation, navigation and content of the site, as well as the collection and document information. To send comments or to report individual errors - for example missing images or broken links - please write to