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description: Poros stele
catalogue number: 43
LSAG reference: 77.18
date: 566 ?
object type: Stele
region: CG
sub-region: Attica
archaeological context: Athens
IG vol. i edition 2 no. 463 + 475

Raubitschek, A.E., DAA no. 326
Friedlaender, P., Hoffleit, H., Epigrammata no. 12 f
EM no. 6212 + 6225
CEG no. 434
IG vol. i edition 3 no. 507

    archival material:
not available
    local script: Attica
inscription script analysis:
writing starting point: top right  writing orientation:vertical?
writing direction:boustrophedon  number of characters:56 comments:
Lines 1-2 written boustrophedon. Punctuation sign used. Several characters unclear.

Letter forms found in this inscription are listed below. Click on a glyph to browse other inscriptions in which it also appears.
α β γ δ ε Digamma ζ α η Heta θ ι κ λ μ ν ξ ο π M Koppa ρ σ τ υ φ χ ψ ω Sampi punct.

[το]ν δρομον̣ [⋮ εποιε̅σαν ⋮ c. 11]
[c. 9 ⋮ Κρ]ατε̅ς [⋮ Θρασ]υκλε̅ς ⋮ Α[ρ]ι̣σ̣-
το̣δ̣ιϙος ⋮ Βρ̣[υσο̅ν ⋮] Αντε̣̅[νο̅ρ ⋮ c. 7]
[hιροποιοι τον α]γο̅[να θεσ]αν προ̅το̣[ι] γλ-
α̣υ̣[ϙ]ο̣̅πιδι ⋮ ϙορ[ε̅ι].


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